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How To Make Simple Roleplay Icons WITHOUT Using Photoshop


I've been seeing a lot of people complaining about how they can't make icons because they don't have photoshop, so I'm going to show you two different ways you can:





Using a little website called PicMonkey






Using BOTH Pixlr AND PicMonkey (I recommend this process over the other)

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Amber Heard Massive Gif Hunt



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zoeyrph PSD #006: Frozen

So basically, this PSD allows you to change blue to a number of colours. Each colour is grouped into its own folder, so all you have to do is drag the group of layers onto your own document as the top most layer for all the blue in your graphic to change to your desired colour. This PSD includes colour changes to red, green, yellow, orange, purple, pink, and cyan

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 In closing: The world contains more than four redheads.


Latin-American Actors:

  • Sebastian Rulli - 38 Years Old
  • William Levy - 33 Years Old 
  • Adan Canto - 32 Years Old  
  • Diego Boneta - 23 Years Old 
  • James Roday - 38 Years Old 
  • Alex Meraz - 29 Years Old 

Before the disappearance of Roslyn Malone in 1945, the town of Bentley was a quiet, peaceful haven for people to start over — people who never fit in.

Many years have passed since that horrible day and all of the years in between have only seemed to bring more tragedies and more problems to the small town. Bentley is no longer the same place it once was;  rumors fly about curses, ghosts, and psychics although most of the residents have a tendency to just brush it off. Many families residing in Bentley have been plagued with a series of unfortunate events, each one more tragic and more unexpected than before. Skeptics dismiss the happenings as bad luck; others believe it is curse, haunting not only the families who have resided in Bentley for years, but anyone who takes over the properties after the previous owner’s untimely deaths. It is now the year 2017, and the events occurring in Bentley seem to get stranger every day. Are ghosts real? Do curses exist? It’s time someone in Bentley finds out.

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Welcome to the Kaufman District, located in Seattle, Washington. Or the last sanctuary, as its supernatural residents also know it. The hunters are more relentless than ever in their pursuit of the supernatural population, and with nowhere left to run, the hunted ended up in the Kaufman District, named after its founding family, the Kaufmans. What the supernatural residents don’t know is that the Kaufmans are a family of doctors that will never give up in their thirst for knowledge on those who are not human. And with a witch coven in town that surely doesn’t welcome newcomers, there’s no telling how much fuel will be added to the flame. Will the residents be able to survive and thrive, or will they be forced to go back to their old lives, running from hunters and never truly having a home?



a smart sharpen action (mediafire)

  • an action to everyone who doesn’t have a “convert to timeline animation” button
  • sharpens up to 150 frames
  • does not contain the psd
  • how to install and use the action (click here)
  • crop, resize your gif and then use the action
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022.psd by DEMICOLORING (DL)
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